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Work Experience Takeover: James

Hi, my name is Ho Chun Ma and people call me James. I’m 16 years-old and currently studying A-level Physics, Maths and BTEC creative media at the Great Marlow School.

I participated in the work experience program in BraceiT, a web hosting company, because I want to become involve with something media related, and I figured that BraceiT will be able to help me develop technical skills and knowledge that will be useful for me in the future.

In my time spent in BraceiT I focused most of my time on a booking network Prop-Sync; Prop-Sync is designed to automatically updates availability and pricing of the property in real time. I am responsible for making a presentation on Prop-Sync covering a pitch for potential property owner, partners showing the basics of Prop-Sync and its benefits, and the marketing aspects of Prop-Sync in which I investigated different digital platform in which we can promote our network on.

Later, due to my suggestion on using Facebook on my presentation I was tasked in creating a banner for their new Facebook page, for that I’ve used Adobe Illustrator to create. In the banner I utilised assets created by my college Elli while implementing new ideas, like placing a diagram demonstrating the basic concept of Prop-Sync to allow visitors of the page to understand what Prop-Sync is in a nutshell. I felt accomplished when I’ve finishing creating the banner as I’ve never used Adobe illustrator, so I’ve learnt how to use it in my time spent here and able to produce a decent banner.

Thanks everyone =).