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Happy Customer :)

Valerie Woods has been a member of Prop Sync since the 13th of April 2017, she uses her account to synchronise her 2 calendars between 3 different online travel agencies and for a little cost of £24 her calendars are automatically updated, saving Valerie a heap of time!

Since her subscription, Valerie has had 39780 transactions that have estimated a total number of hours saved at 276 hours and 15 minutes. This number continues to grow and Valerie even mentions that before using Prop Sync, she found updating her calendars took a lot of time. Sometimes she wouldn’t even update a booking because she simply had no time to spare, leaving these dates vulnerable for 3 or more days at a time! Yet since using Prop Sync she is a lot more confident with customers, and she doesn’t need to take as much time out of her day or week to update bookings now.

We asked Valerie a number of questions regarding her experience with Prop Sync, her response was fantastic and very rewarding to hear…

How would you recommend Prop Sync to a friend?

"I would highlight their customer service, there is always someone to talk to and they’re very easy to contact. They make the process more understandable and dealt with my concerns professionally, and even if they couldn’t respond immediately, they would always keep me updated and I knew what was going on. I really liked that because I was more at ease and when using something new, its always a daunting time but they really made me feel confident."

What do you love about Prop Sync and why?

"Their prices are very reasonable and they never go up, they stick to their word."

Do you have any suggestions on how Prop Sync could improve?

"I’m not sure, I personally think they are doing a fabulous job as they are inclined to work with more people."

What three words would you use to describe Prop Sync?

"Efficient and friendly, they get the job done and make my life easier."

Do you find that the payment methods are flexible for your needs?

"For mine, yes."

Is the administration panel easy to use and what features do you like the most?            

"Yes, the admin panel is easy to use but I don’t tend to use it much, I like to look at the analytics from time to time and see the number of hours I have saved, I suppose even though I feel I have because I’m not updating my bookings as often as I did. It's nice to see it in black and white."

Do you feel the 3-month free trial gave you a good indication as to whether Prop Sync was working for you? 

"Yes definitely, I didn’t have to worry my head about double bookings. I run a small business and a double booking is the stuff of nightmares, so it was nice not to have that fear and relax more knowing everything was taken care of."

Is the dashboard in the Prop Sync admin panel beneficial in analysing your transactions and bookings or do you feel there are improvements to be made?

"I don’t really use the admin panel, but I have used it before and I know it is very clear and if I had more time I would sit down and play with it more but from what I’ve seen, it is a lot clearer than some admin panels I have used."

When everything was explained to you, how did you feel?

"I felt nervous because I didn’t know how I was going to cope but I will always be nervous about something new and whether it is going to work, but I am now more than happy to show someone how the setup of different platforms work. I can understand why people are apprehensive to get in touch and try something new because I was the same, but we can learn off one another and the support is great."

Once using Prop Sync did you find everything easy to understand in terms of one way and two-way connections and knowing what connections you’re synced with applied for each?

"Yeah this was easy to understand, I had no difficulty with this."

Are you satisfied with Prop Syncs service, is there anything that’s really impressed you or you feel needs improvement?

"Yes, I am satisfied with the customer service, they have always been able to help with issues I've had. At the beginning I had some hiccups, but they were easily resolved."

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your experience with Prop Sync? 1 being bad and 10 being good.

"I’ll give you a 10!"

Prop Sync are so pleased that Valerie is having a pleasant experience and that we can make her life easier! :)

All the best,