Super Control – User Guide

1) Go to the Farm Stay page in Supercontrol, to do this go to “Integrations”, “Channel Manager”“UK-wide”,  “Farm Stay”. All the information is stated below.

2) If you still have no luck, contact Supercontrol support on +44 (0) 1556 506 700, to help you find the "Client ID", "Unique Key" and "Property Code".


3) Once logged into prop-Sync, go to "settings" in the top tool bar, then scroll down and select a unit you wish to link the calendar with and choose “Supercontrol”.

4) In the box it will request a reference which you should have retrieved from Supercontrol support. Insert the code here, e.g. "3-tHeDrajUweM6620zFradrMKUT-32041".

Your calendars should now be synchronised, if you're worried that they're not you can contact Prop Sync to check this for you or call so they can support you through this process.

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