Trip Advisor – User Guide

1) Login into your Trip Advisor account

2) On the left hand side of the page you should see a tool bar, in this tool bar select “Calendar”.

3)  Once you have selected "calendar", on the right hand side you will see an “import” and “export” option. Select “export” to retrieve the calendar URL for Trip Advisor and make sure to copy this.


4) Once logged into prop-Sync, go to "settings" in the top tool bar, then scroll down and select unit you wish to link the calendar with and choose “Trip Advisor”.

5) In the box it will request a URL, paste the URL from the “export calendar” into here, "register", and then copy the Prop-Sync URL above this.

6) After, return to the Trip Advisor website and instead select “import calendar”, then paste the Prop-Sync URL here. The copied URL will look a little like “”.

7) During this process ensure you select “other”. 

Your calendars should now be synchronised, if you're worried that they're not you can contact Prop Sync to check this for you or call so they can support you through this process.

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