Away with the Kids – User Guide

1) When logged in to Away with the Kids, you will see a drop down box. From here "select your accommodation" type.

2) Once you have done this, in the top tool bar you will see “My Properties”. Select this option.

3) A new page will then appear, when you scroll down you will see an “iCal Test Unit”, and a pen icon on the right hand side. Select this icon.

4) You will now see a page requesting details, fill these in. Once you have done this, at the very end of the document there is an “iCalendar URL”. This is where you will need to insert the Prop Sync URL.


1) Once logged into prop-Sync, go to “settings” in the top tool bar, then scroll down and select unit you wish to link the calendar with and choose “Away with the Kids”

2) In here you should have the prop-sync URL, which should look like this Copy and paste the URL displayed on your screen into Away with the Kids “iCalendar URL” and "save changes".

TIP: Back on the Away with the Kids website you can also trigger a manual sync pull from the iCalendar URL from the “Availability” screen too.




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