Anytime Bookings – User Guide

1) When logged into Anytime Bookings go to “set up”, “configuration”, and then “units”.

2) You will then be redirected to another page, here select your “category” and “unit” that you wish to synchronise, then select this unit for necessary details.

3) You can now see your unit “ID” in to the top left hand side, copy this.


1) Once logged into prop-Sync, go to “settings” in the top tool bar, then scroll down and select unit you wish to link the calendar with and choose “Anytime Booking". 

2) Once you have selected Anytime bookings there is a tab which directs you to find information to synchronise your calendar.

On Anytime booking you can find the "Client ID" next to “your account ref” at the top of the home page. Insert this and paste the unit "ID" which you have previously copied, ensure you use a hyphen between both the client ID and unit ID (-).

Client ID: AB100065 (found next to the logo by the home page)

Unit ID: 54361

e.g. AB100065-54361 



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