Success at The Glamping Show

What Prop Sync thought? 

This year The Glamping Show was hosted at Stoneleigh Park in the NAEC, the fantastic three-day event gave Prop Sync the opportunity to market themselves alongside Farm Stay as their own brand!

The three days were so successful it saw a huge increase since its inception in 2015 and Prop Sync found great benefit from wider audiences of over 100 people, it was clear to see that their new investments in promotional material really had an impact on reception from visitors compared to previous years.

Stand at Stoneleigh Park - 2016

My Personal Experience:

I have never been to an exhibition but I had a clear idea of what to expect and it far exceeded my expectations, I had so much fun and really enjoyed venturing out with Prop Sync to market our product.

One thing you might not know about me is that I am a lover of all dogs, and the kennel club was located right next door to the main halls which meant an influx of waggy tails. If you have ever been to an exhibition you might know it can be quite tiring, and for me this was a nice wakeup call when I am not a coffee lover like Nick (Our Managing Director).

I am very eager to find more events for Prop Sync, since our visit to the Glamping Show we have had such a great response and I am keen to continue this encouraging support from property owners.

Wishing you all the best,


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