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Privacy Policy


Prop-Sync need to obtain details from individuals so they can provide services with professionalism and accuracy.

Details Prop-Sync will obtain include your forename, surname, email address, billing address, home address, telephone, mobile and the name of your property and units.

This document will specify why Prop-Sync needs to obtain this type of information, and how they will plan to collect, process and store your personal data to comply to GDPR laws.

Data Controller:  Prop-Sync

Name of Data Protection Officer (DPO): Nick West

Email Address of DPO:

Tel Number to contact DPO: 020 7117 6110

How we collect and obtain information about you

Personal data such as your forename, surname, email address, billing address, home address, telephone, mobile and the name of your property and units will be obtained when you initially sign up to Prop-Sync. It can be collected through the Farm Stay system when you register, or when you register via the Prop-Sync website. Prop-Sync can direct you on how to complete this process via telephone or email, but they will not collect personal information directly to set up your account i.e. your username and password.

How we store your information

Personal information will be stored in external excel documents and in mail chimp – Prop-Sync's email provider.

Once you’re signed up to Prop-Sync you will be able to see and alter your personal information in your account from accessing the administration panel by selecting “My Details”. Please be aware that Prop-Sync will rectify changes you make in external sources where your personal information is held - Excel documents and Mail Chimp if you’re subscribed.

If you have opted in Prop-Sync's newsletters you have given them permission to contact you with marketing collateral, at any point you can opt out of their mailing list from unsubscribing and you will no longer receive email from them. There is an unsubscribe option in the bottom of their emails and website. If you want to opt back in for Prop-Sync's emails, you will need to contact them, so they can confirm you have given permission for them to refresh your data.

If you want Prop-Sync to remove your personal information you can call or email them, and they will terminate ALL existing data related to you, however this will be stored in an external Excel document for a remaining 5 years so they can keep financial records for invoices. This information will no longer be used and will be terminated after 5 years, under unlikely circumstances we may need to hold your data for a longer period of time, but you will be contacted if this is the case.

The information we obtain and why

Forename and Surname
We need your forename and surname, so we can associate information to you, this will help us organise and remove your personal information if you request us to do so.

Telephone and Mobile
We will need your telephone and mobile, so we can contact you regarding any issues we have or anything that may concern your membership with Prop-Sync.

Email address
We will need your email address, so we have another way to directly contact you, we will email you if you request certain information from us and if we need to inform you of something that concerns you. In other cases, your email address will be used if you permit us to send you newsletters, to verify this you can contact us, or we can contact you via personal information you have provided.

Home/ Billing address:  
We will need to know your billing address for payment purposes, and your home address so we can send you post when necessary.

You can find the Cookie Policy on the Prop-Sync website in the footer

How we secure your information

In Prop-Sync its password protected, using one-way encryption. To ensure the password is even more secure, it is necessary to use capitals and characters to guarantee varied passwords between members. This will make passwords more complex, Prop-Sync has done their upmost to keep passwords secure from one-way encryption, yet members are responsible for their choice of passwords, and Prop-Sync will take no responsibility for the potential vulnerability from members choices.

Prop-Sync will never use your passwords for personal use if you wish to change your password to gain access to our site. Select “forgotten password”, this option will allow you to change your password whenever you desire.

Do we disclose or share information to third parties?

Personal data such as your forename, surname, email address, billing address, home address, telephone, mobile and the name of your property and units will be shared with third parties such as Barents Hus. We share these personal details with them because we use their facilities to host our systems, the security of this information is not controlled by Prop-Sync, but we have certified that their security of data is applicable with GDPR laws.

Members using Prop-Sync's service will share customers details with their chosen PMS (property management system) provider. This will include customers name, customers email, customers telephone, mobile and remarks. Please note that this information will only be shared if members are using Prop-Sync Diary, a mobile app.

Right to be forgotten

If you want your data to be removed permanently or temporarily from our system then please get in touch with Nick our DPO, you can find all contact details at the beginning of this document or via the Prop-Sync website.


The name below identify that I agree with the statements made in this document and am aware of GDPR laws regarding customers privacy.

Nick West - Director