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PROP-SYNC costs nothing for PMS, Booking and Channel Partners

Connect to the Prop-Sync API with our free to use plugins

We'll even help to connect you for free and guide your IT team through the intergation process

PROP-SYNC provides real-time calendar updates to keep all online channels synced


you simply choose if we push or you pull, with multiple or single channel bussing and polling for availability and optional pricing


As more and more Partners are added to the Prop-Sync network, short-let and vacation property owners benefit from a wider range of selling channels without the hassle of additional admin or the worry of availability and pricing errors

Partners Benefits

Exposure to all Prop-Sync subscribers

Single source channel management

Your clients access an added-value service

Prop-Sync manages your connections

You become part of the growing Prop-Sync network

Get in Touch for the Prop-Sync technical specification

or call us on 0207 117 6110 if you want to know more.

Prop-Sync keeps channel management simple

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