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Prop-Cal Widget

This allows you to add the calendar to your own website and style according to your design bringing your website to life.

Here's a few examples of the calendar in action:

Here's an Example Calendar < >


Simply download the pure JavaScript version
Please let us know so we can keep you informed of patch releases.
Current version: 0.4.1

-- OR --

Are you using WordPress? Then simply, search in the WordPress Plugins repository for 'propcal', install, customise and off you go :)

Customise how your calendar looks, keeping it looking the same as the rest of your great website design. Once added, get your calendar reference from Prop-Sync Admin by adding the Prop-Sync Widget to your syncs and apply to the plugin.

This draws the data on client-side so you don't need anything clever in your website to support it.

It's fast, reliable up-to-date calendar and styled the way you want it.

Another tool available to you as part of your Prop-Sync subscription.