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Farm Stay

Connect to Farm Stay UK with a two-way real-time connection adding confidence your changes will be reflected to and from Prop-Sync immediately.

Farm Stay UK members are able to use a trim version of Prop-Sync free of charge via the Farm Stay UK Admin Panel.  If however the channels you wish to connect with are not available in the Farm Stay Admin Panel yet they show here, then you will need to subscribe to Prop-Sync to utilise such added benefits.

Farm Stay UK is connected on the full APR (Availability, Pricing and Reservations) as a PMS and also at the A (Availability) as a channel.  Farm Stay UK are a little unusual in how they can act as both a PMS or a channel according to member's needs.

The APR means that they are equip to take FULL reservations from channels who provide the APR level.

Farm Stay UK is the market leader for the promotion of farm tourism across the UK and works closely with both national and local tourism agencies with members in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. As a “Not-For-Profit” farmer owned consortium, Farm Stay UK markets a wide variety of farm based accommodation provided by its members for quality holidays and short let stays in the countryside.

Visit Farm Stay and Get Listed now. Click the logo to easily find Farm Stay homepage.

To upgrade your connection to Prop-Sync, simply go to your Farm Stay UK Admin Panel and go to manage your accommodation. You'll then see a big red button beneath your list of units saying "Go To Prop-Sync" which will lead you through the simplified steps to get setup.

Real-time syncs mean that as a change is made on Farm Stay UK, the details are sent immediately to Prop-Sync whereby connected partners are then notified. iCal partners will obtain the updates next time they poll for updates.