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Exhibition Overview – 2017

The Association of Scottish Self Caterers - Scotland, Perth. 

On the first day Nick and Millie travelled up to visit Rosanne Mackay, the Scottish director of Farm Stay. Here, they met other Farmstay members to present and provide walk through tutorials on how to use the Farm Stay System, as well as how Prop Sync may be of interest.

The day was hugely successful, and we answered some burning questions, we even made changes for some of the members whilst we were there, so they could see us physically correcting mistakes and making desired adjustments. The feedback was overwhelming, and it was very rewarding knowing that they had all learnt something from our session, we were even able to increase Prop Syncs brand awareness and since then we have been in touch with some of the members regarding our services.

On the second day it was a bright and early start, setting up in Perth's Concern Hall to exhibit Prop Sync! The day was a success and we managed to network with a range of delegates and businesses, clarifying our connections and benefits members can receive free of charge.

The Farm Business Innovation Show - Birmingham, NEC.  

The show was holding its fifth year at Birmingham's NEC on the 8th and 9th of November, Nick and Millie travelled back down from Scotland in a 6-hour journey to attend the event and were elated to find that the two days were hugely successful. The event boasted 500 suppliers and 200 speakers, as a result the first day attracted a huge 6,000 delegates and mainly enticed farmers and people eager in moving forward within the farming industry.
The two days we spent in Birmingham were very encouraging, we spoke to a lot of people who were keen to know our involvement within the industry and how we help property owners. Nick and myself handed out a lot of our marketing collateral, to the point that people were visiting our stand because they had seen our brand numerous times and were intrigued to know more. This gave us confidence that our new investments early in the year for booklets, postcards, notepads and pens were increasing our brand awareness.

Farm Stay AGM - Harrogate

On the first day there was a conference which informed members on new and potential changes happening in Farm Stay, the day then concluded with a formal dinner where everyone got to relax and chatted with other members and exhibitors. There was even a show from two ladies showcasing their cooking products, demonstrating these in a comedic sketch.

The second day included a session with Kay Bariball, Farm Stays regional director for Devon. Here, Prop Sync were able to introduce solutions and assist in presenting efficient ways for members moving forward. Myself and Nick attended this session to grasp different training methods and how we can improve our approach in future. The rest of the day involved attending similar sessions that were to benefit members, increasing our general knowledge.

On the last day Prop Sync exhibited and presented at the Pavilion in Harrogate to over 60 Farm Stay Members for the final part of the Farm Stay AGM.

All the best,