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My Work Experience and PROP-SYNC

I am at Prop Sync undertaking work experience in marketing. I have been here for two weeks and I have really enjoyed my time here. It has been very beneficial for me as I have learnt so much.
I researched Prop Sync and put together a PowerPoint presentation which I then presented. I came up with ideas on how the website could be improved. I also prepared marketing collateral for exhibitions.I constructed a short clip about Prop Sync using Biteable and used Canva to create posters and images which could be used on social media.
Another research task which I carried out was looking at existing partners and exhibitions as well as potential partners and exhibitions to attend. I also researched online travel agencies and property management systems.

I now understand GDPR and how it will affect businesses. I looked at the different analytic tools which are available for social media. I also created a social media content plan for Instagram and Twitter and helped to create a Twitter post.
I now know more about the different methods of marketing and how to create promotional materials. Prop Sync have helped me to improve my knowledge and skills.


Katie Mortimer