Home Away User Guide

On the left hand side of the page you should see a tool bar, in this tool bar select “Calendars”.

You will then be directed to another page where in the top right hand side of the page, you can find 5 icons in tool bar. Select the middle Icon.

Select “Export Calendars” to connect Home Away to Prop-Sync there will be a URL provided for you.


Once logged into prop-Sync, go to settings in the top tool bar, then scroll down and select unit you wish to link the calendar with and choose “Home Away”.

 In the box it will request a URL, copy and paste the URL from the “export calendar” into here, register, and then copy the Prop-Sync URL above this.

Return to the Home Away website and instead select “import calendar”, then paste the Prop-Sync URL here. The copied URL will look a little like “http://prop-ical.prop-sync.com/2f7a89134401-4d8a-a4D3-5/1849249.ics”.

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