Happy Customer

An email from a very happy customer sent around to the Devon Farms membership:

Dear Members,

I thought some of you may be interested to know that I've spent the past couple of months working with Nick at Prop Sync, http://www.prop-sync.com,  and I have now managed to link my B&B and S/C Devon Farms availability calendars with all the main websites I advertise with:

  • Devon Farms has a 2 way link for my availability calendar with Farm Stay UK
  • Devon Farms availability calendar is linked to Away with the Kids
  • Devon Farms availability calendar is also linked with Owners Direct and Trip Advisor calendars - this is only 1 way at the moment so if a booking goes into Devon Farms calendar it will automatically appear on Owners Direct and Trip Advisor but not the other way round
  • Devon Farms can also have a 2 way link with Airbnb but I've not tried that one
  • Farm Stay UK now has a 2 way link with my booking.com account for both pricing and availability (you need to use Farm Stay UK booking system for this link to work)

So if I get a booking on my website/Devon Farms it will now automatically feed out to Farm Stay UK, Away with the kids, Owners Direct, Booking.com, and Trip Advisor…. How great is that :-)

Nick is still working to improve this service and link up further sites and is more than happy to work with you to link up specific sites. If I get a booking on my Booking.com account it will feed down to Farm Stay UK then onto Devon Farms and then back out onto Away with the kids, Owners Direct etc…..

The link from Devon Farms to Farm Stay UK is a free service for members but you DO need to pay to connect up with other sites. The cost is £5 per month +£1.50 per unit/room you are connecting and you can then connect to as many sites as you can/like for that price. Nick is currently offering a 3 month free trial to anyone that wants to try this out.
If you have any questions please not hesitate to call either myself or Nick at Prop Sync directly, 02071 176 110.
Happy syncing - I'm definitely looking forward to not having to log into lots of sites this season to update my availability :-)

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