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We are very excited to tell you that our technical team at Prop-Sync have spent the last few months working to give us FULL APR-integration to that we can now offer as additional to our standard 'availability-only' service.

Prop-Sync now gives:

1, Enhanced price sync to carry rate codes based upon length of stay (LOS) allowing complete flexibility over pricing; including minimum night stays, restrictions and under-occupancy pricing
2, Full reservation integration such that bookings placed on are transferred down to the property owner's property management system (PMS) helping to keep all bookings in one place.
3, Further support for room types adding further flexibility.We have also improved how we deal with integrations, taking into account whether the partner is a PMS, an OTA selling channel or indeed both - in other words, this new integration allows

Prop-Sync partners to choose how much of the APR integration they want to connect to and to who they want to connect.

Don't forget that if you would like to see a particular partner connected to Prop-Sync, please let us know so we can get them connected too.

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