Amazing News: Expedia Group Coming Soon in 2019!

We are excited to announce Prop-Sync’s incoming connection to Expedia Group, the world’s leading online travel platform.

Expedia Group comes with an extensive brand portfolio that includes some of the world’s leading online travel brands, such as, Trivago, VRBO, Travelocity, Hotwire, Wotif and more! Collectively, Expedia Group brands cover virtually every aspect of researching, planning, and booking travel, from choosing the best air-plane seat, to reading personal travel reviews of hotels, to planning what to do in a destination once you arrive.

Connecting holiday rental owners with Expedia Group through Prop-Sync gives them access to greater holiday bookings. Our subscribers will gain the ability to connect easily to Expedia Group with the added support of our expert team here at Prop-Sync, and then best configure their Expedia Group account to benefit from possible brands directly with Expedia Group.

Further developments will be announced throughout Summer 2019, so be sure not to miss out!

Check out Expedia Group for further details of their quality-grade travel showcase.

Visit England – Bookability event

Wow this has been very successful with around 120 attendees but more importantly focused time with people.
Meeting property owners that had no idea anyone like us existed; this makes it even more encouraging to get the Prop-Sync message out there.

We met with plenty of property owners telling them what we do and how it all works and why they should keep Prop-Sync in mind when they might not need us just yet.

Also meeting with fellow partners and others showing interest in partnering with us.

The event itself went down very well with panel discussions, seminars and general networking; a brilliant event meeting all kind of people.

Very proud to be part of the Visit England event and definitely on for doing this again and again :)

Well done and thank you to Visit England and Visit Kent for putting this on.

Prop-Sync @ B&B Show – Bristol 22nd/23rd Feb 2017

Great Connections

We've just returned from a couple of days at the B&B Show in Bristol where although storm Doris tried to disrupt, we've come away from the show having enhanced relationships with other exhibitors and had some quality discussions with property owners.

With the ethos of Prop-Sync in supporting everyone, we found a pub owner that could benefit from Stay in a Pub and another property owner possibly able to benefit from one of our other up and coming partners too.

We find it a real pleasure working with our partners in finding them custom as well as finding property owners their best option.

During this event, our new chaps (as seen in the photo) have now experienced what it's like to be exhibiting and they did a great job in talking with property owners (and eating the free cake from the afternoon tea party!).  The guys also experienced a seminar each which helps bring them up to speed on the kind of problems property owners have to contend with.

Admittedly having eaten so much gorgeous cake myself, only to have supported Farm Stay of course, this isn't helping my fight to slim up either!

Anyway, all in all, a great time, meeting great people and having great discussions.  Now it's time to take those conversations to the next stage and make even more happen.

Thanks to all for a good time.

Visit-England Bookability – Ashford

We are delighted to be exhibiting at VisitEngland "Bookability" event in Ashford International Hotel, Kent on 28th February 2017.

The event is all about property owners making the most of their online presence and of course Prop-Sync is there to assist property owners in doing this.

Alongside a some of our connected partners, we look forward to talking to visitors at the event about how they can benefit from Prop-Sync.

Download the the VisitEngland flyer and register now before spaces run out.

We look forward to talking with you, or if you can't make it, just pick up the phone and call us on 0207 1176110

Happy Customer

An email from a very happy customer sent around to the Devon Farms membership:

Dear Members,

I thought some of you may be interested to know that I've spent the past couple of months working with Nick at Prop Sync,,  and I have now managed to link my B&B and S/C Devon Farms availability calendars with all the main websites I advertise with:

  • Devon Farms has a 2 way link for my availability calendar with Farm Stay UK
  • Devon Farms availability calendar is linked to Away with the Kids
  • Devon Farms availability calendar is also linked with Owners Direct and Trip Advisor calendars - this is only 1 way at the moment so if a booking goes into Devon Farms calendar it will automatically appear on Owners Direct and Trip Advisor but not the other way round
  • Devon Farms can also have a 2 way link with Airbnb but I've not tried that one
  • Farm Stay UK now has a 2 way link with my account for both pricing and availability (you need to use Farm Stay UK booking system for this link to work)

So if I get a booking on my website/Devon Farms it will now automatically feed out to Farm Stay UK, Away with the kids, Owners Direct,, and Trip Advisor…. How great is that :-)

Nick is still working to improve this service and link up further sites and is more than happy to work with you to link up specific sites. If I get a booking on my account it will feed down to Farm Stay UK then onto Devon Farms and then back out onto Away with the kids, Owners Direct etc…..

The link from Devon Farms to Farm Stay UK is a free service for members but you DO need to pay to connect up with other sites. The cost is £5 per month +£1.50 per unit/room you are connecting and you can then connect to as many sites as you can/like for that price. Nick is currently offering a 3 month free trial to anyone that wants to try this out.
If you have any questions please not hesitate to call either myself or Nick at Prop Sync directly, 02071 176 110.
Happy syncing - I'm definitely looking forward to not having to log into lots of sites this season to update my availability :-)

Prop-Sync showing off again at the B&B & Self Catering Show

We're delighted to be once again exhibiting at the B&B and Self Catering Exhibition on 22nd and 23rd Feb in Bristol.

This is exciting for us as we'll be bringing our new staff with us too.

If you're in the area, please do pop in on us.  If you're not, you should be :)


Having recently added the Prop-Cal Widget to our offerings along with further parties Prop-Sync now connects with, it's even more exciting to be showing off who we are and what we're about.

One of the great examples of the Prop-Cal Widget in use can be seen at:

This one is using the WordPress plugin, but we also have a version that doesn't need WordPress

Prop-Sync @ The Glamping Show

We've just returned from exhibiting along side Farm Stay UK at The Glamping Show.

A fantastic three days of talking to property owners about how Prop-Sync works well in conjunction with Farm Stay.
We found a great deal of interest in the ability to integrate channels like to Farm Stay.

Those visiting who already have property really appreciated the problem of keeping multiple channels updated and the fear of double bookings.  They saw how Prop-Sync fills the gap and like the way Prop-Sync serves this as an independent party.

It's great to be at shows like this to spread the word of how Prop-Sync works and why it's an important tool in property owners toolboxes.


A big thank you to Farm Stay UK for inviting us to share with them on the stand and also to for providing us with promotional material.  This has all helped us show off our connection with multiple parties. APR-integration (availability/pricing/reservations) logo

We are very excited to tell you that our technical team at Prop-Sync have spent the last few months working to give us FULL APR-integration to that we can now offer as additional to our standard 'availability-only' service.

Prop-Sync now gives:

1, Enhanced price sync to carry rate codes based upon length of stay (LOS) allowing complete flexibility over pricing; including minimum night stays, restrictions and under-occupancy pricing
2, Full reservation integration such that bookings placed on are transferred down to the property owner's property management system (PMS) helping to keep all bookings in one place.
3, Further support for room types adding further flexibility.We have also improved how we deal with integrations, taking into account whether the partner is a PMS, an OTA selling channel or indeed both - in other words, this new integration allows

Prop-Sync partners to choose how much of the APR integration they want to connect to and to who they want to connect.

Don't forget that if you would like to see a particular partner connected to Prop-Sync, please let us know so we can get them connected too.

New connections – Airbnb and Google Calendar

Calendar Header Bar

AirBnB Logo                              Google Calendar logo

We are proud to announce that Prop-Sync has now connected with Airbnb and Google Calendar.

These connections keep calendars updated and refer you to the party where the change was originally made.

Although the updates are not immediate (given the limited method of integrating), you can be sure that calendar changes do step inline shortly after they've been made elsewhere.  All other connections are real-time and in due course we hope to enhance our connectivity with both of these parties for a more real-time based integration.


Proud on the Prop-Sync stand

We've just returned from the first of two days at the B&B Exhibition and Conference at Bristol.

Brilliant interest from both property owners and from further prospectus channel partners to join up.

Now a much needed rest before we enjoy a second day of fantastic networking with others tomorrow.

Thanks to the team as a whole for making this happen in a short amount of time.

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