Connect your Prop-Sync calendar to HomeAway using Prop-Sync's iCal interface.

Although not quite real-time, have peace of mind your availability is shared to HomeAway and bookings from HomeAway update your other Prop-Sync channels.

The calendar URL to input in to HomeAway can be obtained from Prop-Sync Admin upon registering the sync. Click on Settings, then click on the unit you wish to sync the calendar with and in the unit page select "HomeAway". Obtain the iCal URL from your HomeAway account (as explained in How do I sync my HomeAway calendar with another calendar under the "Export HomeAway Calendar" section).
Adjust this URL to ensure it starts with 'https' rather than 'http' and then input this in to the field in the Prop-Sync register for HomeAway (the URL expected should start with "https://www.homeaway.co.uk" so if it differs, please do contact us for assistance). Then copy the iCal URL provided above the field and click the "Register" button to complete on Prop-Sync. The copied URL will look a little like 'http://prop-ical.prop-sync.com/2f7a89134401-4d8a-a4D3-5/1849249.ics'

Full details on HomeAway Admin interface can be read at:

Do give us a call if you struggle to connect it all up and we'll be glad to assist.

This is an integration that Prop-Sync have tested and forms as part of the Prop-Sync QC procedures.

NB: iCal based integrations are not real-time and carry a small delay in availability updates from showing.