Connect to Guestlink with a two-way real-time connection adding confidence your chances will be reflected to and from Prop-Sync immediately.

To add the connection in Prop-Sync, first obtain your unit references from Guestlink.
Please contact their friendly support to request the connection. They will then send you references for each of the units to sync with which you can then apply within your Prop-Sync Admin Panel.
Please note that Guestlink apply their own charges to connect up with Prop-Sync.

Once obtained, login to Prop-Sync Admin and go to the Settings tab. Select the unit to add the sync to and click on "Guestlink" to add the sync.
You will be asked for the reference which you can then click on Next and Register to complete.

Real-time syncs mean that as a change is made on Guestlink, the details are sent immediately to Prop-Sync whereby connected partners are then notified. iCal partners will obtain the updates next time they poll for updates.