Country Cottages Online

Connect your Prop-Sync calendar to Country Cottages Online.

Although not quite real-time, have peace of mind your availability is shared to Country Cottages Online.

Currently this is just one-way, so changes made on Country Cottages Online will not update to Prop-Sync or to other connected calendars via Prop-Sync.  Therefore, when connected, simply update the calendar elsewhere and see the updates filter through to Country Cottages Online too.

The calendar URL can be obtained from Prop-Sync Admin.  Click on Settings, then click on the unit you wish to sync the calendar with and in the unit page you can add "Prop iCal" which will provide you with the URL to apply on Country Cottages Online.

To configure on Country Cottages Online, simply apply the URL on your Admin Panel in Country Cottages Online, or contact their support to assist you further.

Please note that this is an integration that Prop-Sync have not incorporated within their Quality Control processes however we have on good authority by customers using the connection that it all works fine.  We will endeavour to enhance our connection with Country Cottages Online and add in the Quality Control checks in due course.

NB: this integration is not based on not real-time updates and will carry delay in availability updates showing on your Country Cottages Online listing.