Away with the Kids

Connect up with Away with the Kids and get your availability showing there from Prop-Sync.

The iCal URL can be obtained from Prop-Sync Admin. Click on Settings, then click on the unit you wish to sync the calendar with and in the unit page you can add "Away with the Kids" which will provide you with the iCal URL to apply on Away with the Kids.

To configure on Away with the Kids: Login to your Away with the Kids admin console. Click 'My Properties' and to the right of the unit you wish to sync click the pen icon. Set the iCal URL in the final field termed as 'iCal URL' and save the changes.

Prop-Sync have tested this integration successfully and monitor periodically to ensure synchronisation is correct.

Prop-Sync are in discussion with Away with the Kids with a view to enhance this integration to real-time.  Should this be of interest to you, please do let us know as we prioritise our connections based upon demand.

NB: iCal based integrations are not real-time and carry delay in availability updates from showing.