How to market your property?

The world of online marketing can be scary but it’s not impossible, taking certain steps can help you accomplish your achievements and long-term goals; you may be familiar with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These are three commonly used platforms for businesses, if you are promoting on any of these you’re off to a good start! However, you need to ensure you are regularly posting and keeping content exciting. Why? Google is the most popular search engine used worldwide and if you can rank highly in their search engine optimisation (SEO), then more people are going to view your property before competitors.

Conveyed above are a list of techniques that can be used to improve how highly you rank in Google's SEO. However one can negatively impact your ranking, is it A) Organic Searches, B) Anchor Links or C) Duplicated Content.

The answer is duplicated content, Google ranks SEO based on algorithms that websites must abide to in order to have a higher ranking when people search for their products, services or accommodation etc. Duplicating content can direct users to poor quality content and Google will disapprove, consequently your website will be found lower on search results.

How do you cater for algorithms? This is a question unknown to many independent business owners, updating regularly is a start but the content within these posts is what really counts. Moreover, having a brief knowledge on Googles algorithms and knowing when they change, can assist your approach to new content for your website, mobile app or ad promotions - This link covers necessities on googles algorithms, you must understand these before you can implement minor adjustments within content to make a difference. If you have applied these practises but cannot see drastic changes then use an external tool such as Google Analytics, this will help indicate where you need to improve.

Overall, Algorithms are what Google control, they determine whether you sit higher or lower, yet you can help control this by using SEO to appeal to their “DO’s and DON’TS”. For instance, Panda focuses on filtering poor quality content from working its way into Google's top search results, factors within a website that can rank lower include: duplicated data, overuse of keywords (repetitiveness) or linking too much to other sites. To avoid these, you can research before constructing an informative blog, therefore the words will be your own or you can use synonyms to ensure search engines can still identify the topic of your content, avoiding too much use of the same keyword etc. Ensure you keep your bounce rate down, captivating people to stay on your site is huge because the higher bounce rate your site has the lower you will be ranked, In this case anchor links would help rectify a low bounce rate.

Anchor Links are when you link a word or sentence so when you want to find out more information users are directed (traffic) to different pages conveying appropriate information so they don’t then bounce off your website, keeping your bounce rate low and ranking high.

How to get noticed:

Promote your property on various types of social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are very commonly used platforms and all I highly recommend. However, if you’re managing the platforms yourself, keeping up to date, relevant and new content can be hard to manage. I would advise you to look at guest’s details, find where they actively use social media or simply use one that you find easier to manage. Personally, I love using Instagram, you can have unlimited text space, can edit your images in the same programme, tag users, add locations and connect to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Using hashtags can increase your engagements too, reaching a wider audience searching for specific keywords.

There are free apps you can download which let you know who’s recently followed you, deleted you, as well as some general statistical information such as your most liked post, new followers as well as accounts that don’t follow you back. Knowing this type of information can help you control the content you share with a higher chance of engagement, for instance if most of the people you follow don’t follow you back there is a likelihood you need to alter your strategy. This could involve posting more, reaching new audiences or creating new content that is different to what you are used to, so get started and check out the link below to find out 5 of the best free apps.

Not sure what to post?

After a while posting the same content can become boring and a tedious task to carry out, look at some of my suggestions to help you take a step in the right direction.

  • Are there any available rooms within the next 2-3 weeks, if so promote them or discounts that are available?
  • Are there any events/ activities in your area that you can advertise to your guests? Try and negotiate with your local services and see if referrals can have a % off payments.
  • Promote customers feedback both good and bad, if you can openly admit mistakes you've made and convey how you've dealt with their concerns. It shows you really have your guests interest at heart.
  • Current issues within the industry, write a blog or your opinion on agendas that concern you or your business. Talking with local competition isn't necessarily a bad thing, you may be able to help each other out?
  • Photos – VITAL, ensure images are a high quality and have some form of descriptive language. Make them varied and interesting.
  • Videos – VITAL, ensure videos are a high quality and that they capture positive experiences or settings.
  • Self-Catering property? Consider posting information on local food shops.
  • B&B? Consider posting your breakfast menu/ food
  • Camping? Consider advise on where to purchase essentials such as tents etc. IF you can, again try and negotiate with local businesses so you can promote an offer if customers use you as a referral.
  • Anything else that you offer or think is of value for guests.

Remember that following competitors is not a bad thing, keeping up to date with what they’re doing and even where they get most of their engagements from can help you form a strategy that works best for you and your business.

I hope this has helped you understand search engine optimisation and how to apply this within your business as well as give you ideas moving forward with your social media.

All the best,


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