Farm Stay’s AGM

Prop Sync have just returned from Farm Stays AGM, the three day event included a conference, range of entertainment and training sessions, as well as an exhibition held at the pavilions in Harrogate.

On the final day Millie and Nick presented to a large number of Farm Stay members, discussing additional benefits and how Prop Syncs service applies to their businesses. During this presentation they shared further information on a training session, briefly outlining the in depth analysis they could provide for members individual needs and requirements.

Training Session

Besides discussion of individual needs and requirements, they went through pricing, benefits from ADVANCED Prop Sync, as well as the level of integration that and Farm Stay have.

Overall the three day event was a great platform for Prop Sync to not just promote but educate members on our service, and how they can optimize their time and money from utilizing free connections through membership with Farm Stay.

Always here to help,

The Prop Sync Team

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